Toby Coe 10-09-2014

In Europe, we can forget that we have some amazing wild places literally on our doorstep. Looking north, Scandinavia has staggering abundance of wilderness, filled with rivers and lakes. I headed here with Klass-Jan, on a trip to the far north of Sweden to experience the fishing in this part of the world. 

What I found was crystal-clear rivers filled with hard-fighting trout, lakes of trophy sized char and a tantastic salmon river where a quarter of the fish caught weigh in excess of 20lb. As a die-hard wild trout fisherman, the rivers we fished were the element of the trip that excited me the most. Some reminded me of rivers in New Zealand, with large fish holding in deep, clear pools meaning it was possible to stalk and sight-cast to fish.

The surroundings which we experienced were as impressive as the fish, with towering mountains, waterfalls, hundreds of lakes and forests of dwarf birch. For the angler looking for a wilderness fly-fishing experience there are few places within easy reach of Europe that can beat it.