Culex Lodge
Fly fishing in the north of Sweden for salmon, trout and pike

We offer fly fishing experiences in the north of Sweden

Salmon fishing in the Bykse

We guide fly fishermen in one of the last protected rivers in Europe in July and August. We fish for Baltic Salmon in the upper parts of the river.  


Big trout in the Bartec

We give you the experience of a lifetime with a visit to the Sami fishing areas. We stay in the Swedish mountains. We travel by boat to the heart of the Sami culture. Transport other than by boat is not possible. There are no roads to the Sami camp. We organize this trip at the end of July and beginning of August

Helicopter experience lake 81

IThere are lakes in the Swedish mountains that can only be reached by helicopter. These lakes are home to large trout that feed in July and August. We stay in small huts. Connection with the rest or the world is not possible.

Pike fishing and Ice fishing

In May and June we offer Pike fishing in the lakes around our house. The pike is in shallow water. You can fish with a streamer but also floating frogs are possible. We have canoes and belly boats.

In March and April we offer Snowscooter safari's including ice fishing for Artic Char.