Culex Lodge
Fly fishing in the north of Sweden for salmon, trout and pike

Salmon fishing

At the end of July and in August we guide salmon fishermen on the Byske. Our experienced guides know all the stones in the river, all the pebbles and the best pools. We take you to a number of pools where no fishing has been done before. Our guidance includes accommodation, food and transport. You must take your fishing gear and permits with you. Permits can be purchased via the internet.

The river Byske


This is one of the last rivers in Europe that has remained protected from human consumption. No power plants, no commercial fishing on the river and no agriculture. We are very proud of the Swedish association who are doing great work to preserve this river. That's why we only accept catch and release. We eat burgers during our experience.
As we have seen in other rivers in Europe, power plants and agriculture will kill the salmon. For example, the Skelleftea River in Sweden or the Krokvasselva in Norway were among the best salmon rivers. Thousands of salmon are born every year. Now the spooning has stopped and the environment has changed.
The Byske is a forest river. The weather is quite important. There are always many salmon, but depending on the weather

 they are active or inactive.
Be prepared for some tough fishing days, but when the weather changes and the air pressure drops the experience will be great.




Our guides have been fishing on the Byske for more than 15 years. We mainly fish 30 miles upstream. The environment is rugged and the nature is beautiful.
In June or July we also guide near the mouth of the river, but catching a salmon depends on the weather. During this period we recommend staying at the Hotel in Byske. We'll
guide you from there.


How to get here?
First you fly to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Than you take the inland flight to Skelleftea. We will meet you at the airport.